“God, Soul, Mind, Brain” – September 18, 2011

Can the soul and spirit and God be better understood by exploring the working of the human brain?

That is the fundamental question that will be addressed by Dr. Michael Graziano at 2:00 pm Sunday, September 18 at First Presbyterian Church of New Bern.

Michael Graziano is a professor of neuroscience at Princeton University. His contributions on the functioning of the brain regularly appear in scientific journals such as Science, Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. He has published books on the brain including the popular book God, Soul, Mind, Brain.

Dr. Graziano is likely to challenge your conceptions. Did man’s brain create God, rather than vice versa? His gentle and open-minded questioning, and his scientific excellence make his presentations stimulating and educational. He is internationally known for fundamental discoveries about sensory perception and motor control in the brain. He regularly blogs about the brain and spirtuality in addition to writing highly acclaimed books and scientific journal articles.

The presentation is free and open to the public. No advance reservation is necessary.

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