About Rothermel

The Rothermel Foundation was originally funded by a bequest from Amel Rothermel of New Bern. The endowment is administered as a fund of First Presbyterian Church of New Bern.  The Foundation is governed by an ecumenical Board of Trustees, appointed by the Session of First Presbyterian Church in consultation with the ministers of congregations represented on the Board.  Contributions to the endowment are accepted from the public.

M I S S I O N of the  R O T H E R M E L  F O U N D A T I O N

Amid changing societal mores and advances in scientific knowledge, the mission of the Rothermel Foundation is to stimulate thinking and discussion about the diverse aspects of the part played by a Supreme Being: in the formation of the universe, in the development of life on earth, and in demonstration of the infinite love He has for humanity and for its continuing existence. To further this mission, the Foundation engages persons who are leading experts in fields such as physical or biological sciences, medicine, humanities, theology and religion to present lectures that are open and free to the public.